WP - Widget Management

Widgets are small blocks that perform specific functions. These give design and structure control to the WordPress theme. Some specific features of a widget are −

They help you add content and features.

They can be easily dragged and dropped in the widget area.

They vary from theme to theme. They are not same for every theme.

Step (1) − Click on Appearance → Widgets.

Step (2) − The following screen showing available widgets appear.

The following functions appear on the page −

Available Widgets − You can use these to add into your sidebar main.

Inactive Sidebar (not used) − These are not used and can be removed permanently from the widget list.

Inactive Widgets − Removes the widgets from sidebar but keep it in the settings.

Sidebar Main − Any widget you add here will appear on your site.

Manage in Customizer − Takes you back to customization page.

Step (3) − Drag and drop in the Sidebar Main. Any widget you add here shows up on your site.

Almost done!

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