WP - Reading Setting

Here, you will able to set your front page and blog page. You can define whether your front page displays a static Page or your blog Posts and you can easily choose your front page and blog page from dropdown but before that, you must create a page for the static option from page option.

Explanation of the Reading options:

Front page displays: This section is used to display the front page in any of the following formats.

Your latest posts: It displays latest posts on the front page.

A static page: It displays the static pages on the front page which you will select from dropdown if you have created any page and want to show this as the home page.

Blog pages show at most −: The number of posts to be displayed per page or site.

Syndication feeds show the most recent: The user can view the number of posts when they download one of the sites feeds.

For each article in a feed, show: This section is used to display the post by selecting any of the following formats :

Full-Text −: It displays the complete post.

Summary −: It displays the summary of the post.

Search Engine Visibility −: your site will be ignored by the search engine after clicking on checkbox.

Don't forget to Save button after making any changes in this section.

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