WP - Edit Pages

To Edit WordPress Pages you should Go to:

1. In the Admin Panel, click Pages to see the entire list of pages on the site

2. Scroll down and find your page, or enter a keyword for your page in the Search Pages box to the top right of your screen.

3. Click the title of your page to open it in for editing.

The available Actions are described below:

Edit - This Action can be either an "Immediate Action" or a "Bulk Action". The Immediate Action, initiated by click on the Title or clicking on the Edit option just below the Title, causes the Edit Pages screen to display. Edit is also available as a Bulk Action for the selected Pages.

Quick Edit - Quick Edit is an "Immediate Action" that allows a quick inline edit of certain fields related to a Page.

View - This Action presents the Page as it appears in a single Page view on your blog.

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