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Backing Up Your WordPress Files Manually

Your WordPress directory contains subfolders e.g. wp-content, wp-includes etc and files e.g. wp-config.php, theme and plugin files etc required by your WordPress site. The wp-content folder contains all your themes, plugins, cache and uploads among other things. You cannot afford to lose this data. The wp-admin carries all the files required by your WordPress admin area, so you can’t afford to lose this as well. The wp-includes folder contains WordPress core files. This is the folder where all the major WordPress code lives. You definitely don’t want to lose this code.

To create a copy of your WordPress files, you just need to download your entire WordPress directory.

Backup Your WordPress Site via cPanel

Here are the Steps:

1. Login to your web host and navigate to cPanel. For most web hosts, the cPanel is usually the first page you encounter when you login

2. Navigate to the File Manager, which should lead you to your public_html or Home directory

From here, just locate your WordPress directory. This is the folder you want to backup

3. Click on your WordPress directory, and select Compress from the menu bar. Alternatively, right-click on the folder and choose Compress from the drop-down options menu that appears

4. Choose the compression type e.g. ZIP, Tar, GZIP etc from the dialog box that opens. I always go with a ZIP archive

5. Then just hit the Compress File(s) button and wait for the process to run its course. Your server will save your compressed WordPress folder

6. Click on the archive you just created and choose Download from the menu. Alternatively, right-click on the archive and choose Download.

7. Choose a secure location on your hard disk and save your backup

And that’s it!

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