PHP Introduction

PHP is server side programming language which is executed on the server. This is commonly used by the developer and it is open source scripting language. 

What you should know before learning PHP




If you want to learn these languages first, find the tutorial on our website.

PHP(Hypertext Processor)?

PHP stands for Hypertext Processor

PHP is server side language while JavaScript is client side language

PHP files contains  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL Query and PHP scripts

PHP can connect to the database and modify the data tables  and database

PHP can create, delete, open, close, add the file and many other things can do on the server 

My first PHP program

PHP code will be written within the PHP open ( <?php ) and close tag ( ?> ).

<title>Hello John</title>
  <?php echo "Hello, John!";?>

The above code produces the following result

Output:   Hello John!

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