HTML TAGS Tutorial

What is HTML tag? HTML tag is hidden command that force to browser for change his behavior. HTML Tags call into less than sign and greater than sign. Major HTML tags close with slash (/) sign.

How to use HTML Tag?

<tagname>Display text or image </closetag> e.g: <h1>The sample heading tag</h1>

HTML Tag List

Tag Name For use
<A> Link to another
<ABBR> Defines an abbreviation
<ACRONYM> Defines an acronym
<ADDRESS> Used for marking address
<APPLET> User for Inserts a Java applet
<AREA> Image map
<BASE> Base location of the document.
<BASEFONT> Sets default font size
<BIG> Larger text
<BLINK> Makes text blink
<BLOCKQUOTE> Large quoted block of text
<BODY> Document main body
<BR> Line break
<B> Bold text
<BUTTON> Used for a button with a form
<CAPTION> Caption for a table: describes the table’s contents
<CENTER> For center block
<CITE> Defines a citation
<CODE> Defines an extract of code
<COL> Identifies a particular column in a table
<DFN> Definition of a term
<DIR> Directory list
<DIV> Division
<DL> Definition list
<DT> Definition term
DEL Block Text
<DD> Definition description
<EM> Emphasis
<FONT> Fonts settings
<FORM> Make Input form
<H1> Heading 1
<H2> Heading 2
<H3> Heading 3
<H4> Heading 4
<H5> Heading 5
<H6> Heading 6
<HEAD> Document head
<HR> Horizontal line
<HTML> Mother tag of HTML
<IMG > For Image Display
<INPUT> Input fields
<I> Italici text
<KBD> Keyboard input
<LINK> Link to another document file
<LI> List item
<MAP> Client-side imagemap
<MARQUEE> Makes text scroll across the screen
<MENU> Menu item list
<META> Meta Information
<OL> Ordered list
<OPTION> Make select option
<PARAM> Parameter for Java applet
<PRE> Preformatted text
<P> Paragraph
<Q> Short quotation
<SAMP> Denotes sample output text
<SCRIPT> For write inline script (e.g. JavaScript)
<SELECT> Selection list or combo box
<SMALL> Smaller text
<SPAN> An inline span within text
<STRONG> Strong text
<STYLE> Define CSS style in document
<SUB> Subscript text
<SUP> Superscript text
<TABLE> Make Table
<TD> Make Table data
<TEXTAREA> Multi-line text input area in a form
<TH> Table column or row header cell
<TBODY> Main body of a data table
<THEAD> The head section of a table
<TFOOT> The foot section of a table
<TITLE> Make Page Title
<TR> Table row
<TT> “Teletype” – simulates typewriter output
<UL> Unordered list
<U> Underline text
<VAR> Variable in computer code

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